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A Natural Approach to Healing Our Bodies: Cristo D’arcy

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This Week’s Guest

Cristo D’Arcy is an alternative health expert who is a master in energy and healing. His objective is to free up individuals and companies from negative thoughts and experiences that are holding them back from achieving their potential.



Cristo D’Arcy can’t tell you exactly what he does. He’s been a healer and energy restorer for around 15 years, and he manages to be simultaneously astounded by what he does as well as his biggest skeptic. Cristo has always been aware that he had skills that bordered on the fantastical. When he realized that his life wasn’t made for conventional schooling, he looked to alternative medicines to be able to use his gift with others. But to him, it perhaps wasn’t far-reaching enough. Instead, he was introduced to a kungfu grandmaster who taught him about energy healing, and something finally felt right. Now, he’s traveling across the country giving individualized healings and diagnostics of what is going on in the energy spectrum of the body. Our body is made of so much more than the physical that we know of it. Cristo is right there at the forefront realizing how energy has so much to do with our latent potential.

Health has always been a huge priority in our lives; however we find so many people frustrated with the traditional path of wellbeing. Where traditional medicinal doctors are missing something, Cristo is cutting through the distractions to get at the real root of our problems, and getting faster results than he ever could have imagined. He generously reveals his insights on:

  • How the subconscious knows more about our body than we ever could have dreamed.
  • How you can learn to muscle test others easily.
  • Healing long-term pain instantly.
  • The speed of thought
  • Where conventional medicine just isn’t cutting it.
  • Finding your own truth.


Here’s what I learned:


The Origin of Pain

  1. Cristo noticed that he had unique gifts at a young age-like psychic abilities, mediumship or channeling.
  2. He knew that he wanted to do something in the health field, but didn’t know what.
    • He studied acupuncture, chiropractic, and a lot of different types of modalities.
    • A colleague asked him if I had ever heard of this kung-fu grandmaster.
    • He hadn’t but he somehow wound up meeting him a week later.
      • He wasn’t really a teacher, but someone who just ‘cracked him open’, like a spontaneous flipping of the switch.
      • After they met, Cristo was just able to identify pain-wherever a pain is manifesting is never where its originating.
  3. Wherever your body is hurting, you’re probably hurting somewhere else in your life.
  4. Cristo noticed that people were having trouble in their relationships, with their children, or with their businesses.
    • These issues are causing a negative result somewhere else.
    • Cristo was able to identify these things, and change them.

Muscle Testing

  1. Muscle Testing is basically a way to use your body to determine a binary state.
    • It’s a yes or a no, or a positive or a negative experience.
  2. If you are testing a food allergy you could you introduce a candy bar.
  3. If you were holding it in your hand, you could put your arm out 90 degrees and have someone apply pressure to your shoulder.
  4. This helps you to determine if it’s the actual candy bar that’s weakening you-such as a possible gluten allergy, or if it’s something else.
    • If your arm is weak and doesn’t resist, you likely have an allergy-if it’s strong, then you likely don’t.
  5. Stephan and his fiance do this with protein powders-she’d hold it in her hand and say out loud while he muscle tests her, ‘this is good for me.’
    • They would be able to see if they were good or not-her unconscious mind was telling her that this is or is not the right thing for her to be taking into her system.
  6. If you practice this regularly, you can start doing this more intuitively-with just looking at items.

Dealing With Skeptics

  1. Cristo has noticed that driven men will usually do whatever it takes to get to where they want to go.
    • They also want to do it in a way that is befitting to their soul-something they can stand behind and believe in.
  2. The skeptic and the cynic are different-the cynic is closed off, the skeptic is questioning.
    • Cristo considers himself a skeptic and says it’s good to question everything.
  3. For skeptics or cynics, you have to have a response for them.
    • If you don’t get a result quickly-you’ve lost them.
  4. Most people come to Cristo as a last resort-they have tried other methods are they’re ready to try alternate options.
    • Because of this, he doesn’t deal with a lot of cynics-there’s not much you can do to help them.

The Results

  1. Cristo had a client that had a lump on the side of his nose, but had no idea what it was.
    • He had been to multiple doctors, and then contacted Chris.
    • The client came in and Cristo told him about his dad and a past life, and then touched his back for a second.
    • The client told him that he remembered feeling this calm come over him, and by the time he walked out to his car the lump was 90% decreased in size.’
  2. Multiple women that had not been able to get pregnant came to him.
    • They had been on fertility drugs, and he was able to identify different areas in the uterus where they’re twisted and tilted.
    • They were then able to restore nerve and blood supply to the fetus and the egg.
  3. There have been people with pains that they have been struggling with for thirty, forty years, gone in seconds.

The Heart

  1. Cristo was gifted with these five different steps that can be gone through.
    • He is just testing it out, but it’s making profound effects on people already.
  2. It’s a recalibrating of the heart.
    • It changes the rhythms of the heart and how we think and feel.
    • It’s also changing the physical symptoms of the body very quickly.
  3. The biggest lie we’ve been told is that healing takes a certain amount of time.
    • It can be very fast-in a matter of seconds, and Cristo is accelerating it.


Get Optimized!

  1. Contact Cristo at cristo.darcy@gmail.com
  2. As Cristo recommends, come at whatever you are doing from a place of integrity and of heart.
  3. Try muscle testing as a way to find out what your body really wants by learning to trust your energy.

Links Mentioned

contact Cristo: cristo.darcy@gmail.com

Thank You For Listening!

Thanks for listening! I hope that you enjoyed the interview as much as I did. Cristo has opened my eyes to just how much our body knows what is good for it. Please feel free to drop by the website to contact me or leave a comment. If you enjoyed this episode, please share it!

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