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Building Your Dream Life with Arman Sadeghi

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This Week’s Guest:

Lots of people focus on one area of life at a time. They might try to create wealth, lose weight, get into shape, or create and maintain relationships . You don’t achieve success by chasing after one or two things with intent. Instead, true success comes from creating balance across different areas of your life. Regardless of your professional role or personal life, it’s likely that you’re suffering from a lack of balance.


If you’re ready to achieve that balance, this is the episode for you! My guest, Arman Sadeghi, is a business coach who focuses on well-rounded success that involves a balanced life. He works with successful business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs and professionals who want to crush business and retire young. In our conversation, you’ll learn his tips, tricks, and hacks to achieve dramatic success without sacrificing any area of your life.

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In This Episode:

  • [01:38] – Arman starts things off by talking about how to create the life of your dreams and have both balance and great success.
  • [07:00] – How does Arman incentivize people in the challenges he has been talking about?
  • [09:38] – Stephan shares the “wheel of life” analogy for getting balance in your life. Arman then talks about his own wheel.
  • [14:52] – We hear about some of Arman’s routines and rituals to help keep him on task and not sacrificing one area of his life to benefit another.
  • [18:58] – Arman talks about how he ended up with seven companies, which he credits to “getting bored very easily.”
  • [22:04] – Arman finds it more fun to be a business owner than a business operator.
  • [23:16] – How does Arman discover whether he’s an artist, entrepreneur, or manager, and how does he attract the right people to fill the gaps? In his answer, he also illustrates why it’s so important to understand which of those areas you’re strongest at.
  • [28:47] – Typically, most of us are naturally good at one of the three areas, and are able to make a second work, but need to find someone who’s naturally good at that third area.
  • [29:43] – Arman talks about whether you should incentivize someone with equity.
  • [31:50] – What are the secrets to finding the people who will figuratively fill the empty seats on your bus?
  • [35:31] – Stephan takes a moment to share his own process for finding and hiring new candidates.
  • [38:19] – We hear more about Arman’s KPI dashboards, which are different between each of his businesses and even at different phases of each business. He uses the analogy of various gauges and lights in a car to explain the things he keeps track of in his businesses.
  • [47:08] – Is operating cash a red warning light, or is it something you always want to keep an eye on?
  • [49:25] – Arman shares a hack that has made a big difference for him: doing important things rather than urgent things.
  • [53:44] – How can people work with Arman directly?

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Your Checklist of Actions to Take:

☑ Keep a balanced work-life relationship and prioritize what’s most important so that I can focus on building a better future for myself and my loved ones.

☑ Take good care of my physical and mental health. Being healthy positively affects my psychological state.

☑ Keep moving. Stretching, exercising and walking will give me good blood circulation and help me keep a positive demeanor.

☑ Invest in my relationships. The most valuable thing is time spent and shared with my loved ones.  

☑ Nourish my spirituality. Keep a close relationship with a higher being that guides me to enlightenment.

☑ Know when to take a break and refrain from juggling too many tasks. Being overworked will damage my productivity.

☑ Reward myself when I deserve it. It’s good to indulge in things I want when I accomplish a task I’ve worked for.

☑ Look for hacks that can help me achieve things more efficiently. It can be tweaking my schedule, prepping my food or buying useful gadgets.

☑ Utilize business tools that can help me reduce manual labor and automate my systems.

☑ Stay committed no matter what. If I want to build the life of my dreams, I must do everything I can to achieve it.



S: Whether you’re an entrepreneur, executive, employee, or stay at home parent, you’re probably suffering from a lack of balance, meaning you don’t have it all dialled in. Your health, your finances, your family life, your relationship with your significant other, your career, business, it’s not necessarily in balance. How do you get that back? You get it back by listening to this episode. It’s number 142, our guest today is Arman Sadeghi. He’s a business coach for successful business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals who want to crush business and retire young. Arman, welcome to the show.


A: Thank you so much. It’s a pleasure to be on.


S: Let’s talk about how to create the life of your dreams and have balance, but also great success and build an incredible life because you’ve done quite well for yourself and I think you’re pretty well-rounded. What are the secrets?


A: The first thing that it comes down is understanding that success comes from creating balance around different areas of life. I see so many people who focus on just one area of life at a time. They think that, “Hey, right now, I’m just trying to make more money and so I should let all the other things go,” or, “Hey, I’m just trying to get into great shape right now. I’m trying to lose weight and so maybe if I’m not performing as well in my business, or career, or if I’m not taking care of my relationship with my spouse or my kids,” something like that, “Then that’s okay.” Really, I feel that when you’re trying to gain success in any one area of your life, it’s always best to take a balanced approach. I always talk about lazy people talking about balance.


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