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Combat Chronic Pain with Natural Rejuvenation: Tony Molina

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This Week’s Guest:

Tony Molina is the co-owner and founder of The Rewire Project, the first practical rejuvenation center in the US. A master teacher of the human mind and body, his wealth of experience includes degrees in high altitude physiology, cognitive neuroscience, biomechanics and exercise science.


Many people desperately search for therapies that can relieve chronic pain, improve the function of their body, or improve their athletic performance. The answer may not always be with expensive doctors, surgeries, or long-term prescriptions, but with safer, more natural therapy. Tony Molina works to help people redefine their health, and take back their life.
We Discuss:

  • The benefit of Intermittent Hypoxic Training.
  • How Muscle Activation Therapy can help heal pain and muscle tightness.
  • The success stories of Tony’s clients.
  • The benefits of adding exercise to your daily routine.

Here’s what I learned:

Muscle Activation Therapy, or MAT

  1. Stephan joined Tony at Rewire, and the first modality that they worked on was muscle activation therapy, also known as MAT.
  2. MAT began formally in 2000 and this manual therapy modality can treat and assist the body in improving muscular imbalances and joint instability.
  3. A lot of people are dealing with either chronic or acute pain.
    • For years, clients would come to Tony for help, as they suffered from some form of pain, and Tony and his team would send them to a doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist.
    • Those same people would come back with the same complaints, even though they had done work to try and fix the issue.
  4. Tony met with his friend, who has a PhD, and he started treating Tony’s shoulder with this muscle activation modality, talking about tightness and how it’s secondary to muscle weakness.

Success Stories

  1. A woman came to Tony a couple years ago after being rear-ended and had developed a general whiplash mechanism in the neck.
    • She had several years of really intense pain, and was unable to find a solution for the pain.
    • She couldn’t even hold her head up, but as they started to create stability around the joint of the head, her ability to hold her head up came back.
    • As they started to improve her body’s ability to control her joint, her capacity of movement increased.
    • The pain wasn’t going down because they were treating pain, but because her neurological system was gaining back control.
    • When you reinstate a control mechanism, the body decides, once it has enough control, that it doesn’t need to express protection reception-which then eliminates pain.
  2. Another person had decades of lower back pain and he created a lifestyle around it.
    • As a result, he stopped practicing law, removed himself from social interactions, and was eating more.
    • There was a lot of pharmacology and drug use to help manage the pain state.
    • He was able to get out of pain with MAT, and became upset in the process-he was overwhelmed and astonished at what was going on.
    • He had been living in the medical establishment for years and even surgeries weren’t helping, and he was now feeling no pain.
  3. Tony does his best to empower people and let them lead themselves on this journey of improving function and health.

The Importance of Exercising

  1. When someone gets their range back, has symmetry in both sides of their body, and can control their body with no pain, they may wonder “What’s next?”
  2. Exercise is a great practice to implement.
  3. Tony can develop a set of exercises specific to a person’s individual needs and the weaknesses that they need to address.
    • For example, they have created an entire system for back pain.
    • He can teach you in five minutes how to diagnose and treat chronic back tightness or pain.


  1. Cryotherapy actually originated from the Greek words “cryo” or cold and “therapeía,” which means cure-it’s really “cold cure.”
  2. It’s a creative health treatment involving low temperatures.
    • It removes the negative side of the ice bath concept because the core temperature, your organs, and your muscles are unaffected.
    • It was developed for inflammatory conditions, mainly for rheumatoid arthritis patients because they suffer in their hands and feet.
    • This short term freezing of the skin’s temperature into the 40’s Fahrenheit while inside the chamber is more beneficial on the human body than the gradual cooling of an ice bath.
  3. Cryotherapy full-body works on three different levels.
    • It works on the biochemical level, which is the circulatory system.
    • It works on the energy level, which are the energy meridians.
    • It also works on the nervous system, so the lymphatic system and the vascular system is turned on.
    • The body has this response where the blood gets concentrated into the cardiovascular system, and it pushes that super oxygenated blood back out to the extremities.
    • As your body temperature rises, the therapeutic value starts improving and that lasts for days, weeks, and months.
    • This process can be used as a recovery tool.
  4. Tony has also ran studies that show the body responds with loss of fat and inches using cryotherapy.

The Power Plate

  1. The Power Plate is a vibrating platform that moves 25 to 50 times per second to engage muscles consistently, and is used for regeneration of energy, skin, mind, and body.
    • It allows the body to access reflexive contraction-now that we don’t walk as often as people did before cars, we’ve lost our ability to have the same reflexive response.
  2. Power Plate looks at Newton’s equation of force = mass x acceleration, and removes the mass and focuses on acceleration.
    • Generally, with strength-training, resistance-training, and exercise, we look at overloading the body through mass and we lift a weight.
  3. Power Plate uses harmonic vibration, which drives acceleration, and the body then can turn on the hormone response.
    • You can increase growth hormone just from ten to fifteen minutes of Power Plate use several times a week.
  4. People spend thousands of dollars a year and need daily injections to get growth hormone to a level where they can become anabolic again.
  5. Power Plate is really safe-it allows you to improve any quality of any exercise you do normally, and you get that reflexive contraction capacity.

Intermittent Hypoxic Training, or IHT

  1. Tony was exposed to IHT while training with world-class, elite athletes from around the world.
    • The athletes clearly had an advantage, but the IHT mechanism gave him a way to close the gap, and perform at altitude.
  2. An IHT session consists of several minutes of breathing hypoxic-or low oxygen-air, alternated with intervals of breathing ambient or hyperoxic air.
    • This increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood in the muscle.
  3. As humans, we need to mobilize our bodies to generate that through exercise, and IHT is becoming one of the best accelerators for health and wellness because it’s passive.
  4. You can do it thirty minutes at a time, it doesn’t have to be done daily-you do it in cycles of five days every three weeks.
    • You improve oxygen delivery, respiratory system delivery, metabolic response, immune function, and gene transcription.
    • It’s turning on the survival mechanism of the body, which is called hormesis.
    • The stress defense mechanism in the body is turned on, and the kidneys turn on the EPO production, and the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, and the muscle goes up.

Links and Resources Mentioned

The Rewire Project
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Get Optimized!

  1. Try full-body cryotherapy to improve your circulatory system, your energy levels, nervous system, and the lymphatic system-you may even lose some weight and inches!
  2. Get moving! Exercise is important to our health, range of motion, and helping to decrease pain. Talk to a professional if you need specific moves to help ease problems with pain.
  3. Go to RewireProject.com to learn more about The Rewire Project and Tony’s work.

Thank you for listening!

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