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Living Your Purpose with Karen Hoyos

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This Week’s Guest:

Karen Hoyos, who originally hails  from Colombia, moved to the US “with a suitcase full of dreams and a belly full of twin babies.” She was a victim of domestic violence who overcame incredible adversity to reach where she is today — and, in fact, sees her past struggles as a blessing, as she explains in this episode.


Her turning point was attending a Tony Robbins seminar. Since then, she has become a celebrity coach and speaker with over 25,000 graduates from her seminars. Her impressive list of clients includes Harvard University, the United Nations, the New York Times, and many more. All this came from letting go of control and giving in to faith, and she explains in this conversation how all of us can make space for miracles and transformation.


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In This Episode:

  • [01:43] – What is ego to you? And is it a good thing or a bad thing?
  • [03:03] – Karen explains why it’s important to come up with a different name for your ego. She briefly touches on her own ego, Carmen.
  • [05:03] – We are responsible for everything that happens to us and what we’re attracting into our lives. Karen then talks about how to turn around unconstructive thoughts.
  • [08:29] – Karen talks more specifically about the kind of clients she works with, and how she works with their egos.
  • [11:28] – Is Karen in essence all the time, or does she have to catch herself in automatic mode and pull herself back into essence?
  • [13:32] – We also have a spiritual ego, Karen explains. Once we reach a certain level of spiritual knowledge and training, the ego will use those tools to manipulate us.
  • [15:26] – What does Karen tell people if they’re in the spiritual ego, and how does she help them shift out of that state?
  • [19:18] – Karen talks about how to receive honest feedback from people. She also reveals that she always asks people what their love language is so that she can interact with them in a more meaningful way.
  • [22:45] – Most people aren’t ready to go as deep as their coaches may want them to go, Karen explains.
  • [24:05] – Karen says that only 1% of people are living their life’s purpose, and explains what she means by that. She then shares some of her own story of reaching her life’s purpose.
  • [27:22] – Karen believes that our inner purpose is to evolve and our outer purpose is to contribute.
  • [31:09] – What does Karen tell people who feel that they can’t follow her advice about finding their purpose because they need to hold down a stable job and make money to support their families?
  • [36:11] – Stephan responds to Karen with a recent Kabbalah learning of his. Karen then talks about the miracles that take place once we let go.
  • [39:33] – Stephan shares the reason he created this podcast, which isn’t related to his traditional business. He and Karen then talk in detail about the fact that experiences aren’t a waste of time, even if your life ends up taking a different path, with Stephan sharing how his seemingly unrelated educational background is related to what he does today.
  • [48:02] – Even the darkness and challenges of your past can be positives in your present and future, Karen explains, and talks about how this has been the case in her life.
  • [50:44] – Karen shares more of her story, and explains why having had a gun held to her head is in fact a blessing.
  • [53:55] – Stephan, too, had a huge shift at a Tony Robbins seminar, as he explains here. He mentions the before-and-after pictures of him on his About page.
  • [57:46] – Karen explains that her effectiveness in public speaking comes from living congruently behind the scenes.
  • [60:21] – When Karen wants to do business with someone, she pays attention to how they treat the waiters.
  • [63:01] – Karen takes a moment to acknowledge Stephan for creating a space for people to share their gifts with listeners.
  • [64:57] – Where can people get in touch with Karen if they want to work with her? In her answer, she explains how to get free tickets to her upcoming webinar.


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Karen Hoyos on Facebook
karenhoyos on Instagram
@karenhoyos on Twitter
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