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Navigating Food Toxicity, from Allergies to Sensitivities Affecting Nearly All of Us: Jeffrey Zavik

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This Week’s Guest:

Imagine having the ability to cure many chronic health conditions, ranging from IBS to headaches to eczema, all by modifying your diet. No, this isn’t a recommendation for the trendy panacea of cutting out gluten. Instead, the key to improving your health and vitality is in determining exactly which foods cause issues for your individual body. Sure, that might be gluten, but it might also be tomatoes, potatoes, or even broccoli.


Jeffrey Zavik, the founder of Immuno Laboratories and the author of Toxic Food Syndrome, joins me today to explain how all of this works. It turns out that 95% of us have a food sensitivity, and many of us have more than one. Thanks to Jeffrey’s laboratory, figuring out your food sensitivities isn’t a grueling process of elimination-based trial and error. Instead, their testing can identify exactly which foods your body reacts to, helping you figure out what to avoid eating to eliminate toxic inflammatory effects.


Find Out More About Jeffrey Here:

Immuno Laboratories
Jeffrey Zavik on LinkedIn
Jeffrey S. Zavik on Facebook
Jeffrey Zavik on YouTube


In This Episode:

  • [01:47] – Jeffrey explains the difference between food sensitivities and allergies. Allergies, he tells us, only affect less than 10% of the population. Sensitivities have to do with a more delayed reaction to something.
  • [04:06] – How far-reaching are food sensitivities? Is it likely that someone listening has many different sensitivities, or just one or two?
  • [05:04] – Jeffrey lists some of the potential symptoms of having food sensitivities.
  • [06:55] – We learn about the several kinds of food sensitivity tests to measure the body’s reactions to potential sensitivities.
  • [09:47] – Jeffrey talks about which tests are used at Immuno Laboratories, and how the testing process is completed. He then discusses the different levels of food sensitivity that can show up on these tests.
  • [13:02] – If you’re reactive to a food, do you cut it out of your diet completely? Jeffrey explains that slowly reintroducing foods can reveal that not every food will stay reactive over time.
  • [14:12] – How does an elimination diet work? Jeffrey answers, then talks about the option of substituting for food items you’re sensitive to.
  • [17:47] – Jeffrey explains one of the reasons that so many of his company’s clients have food sensitivities, and discusses working with peak-performance athletes.
  • [18:28] – Stephan steps in to talk about his experience with having his blood tested by Immuno Laboratories, and whether he still eats the food items he’s sensitive to.
  • [21:10] – One of the best things that happens to Jeffrey’s clients is when they really experience the link between what they’re eating and how they’re feeling.
  • [23:44] – Jeffrey talks about the personal experiences that got him interested in food sensitivities in the first place.
  • [26:28] – Jeffrey shares the story of one of his company’s superstars, an 18-month-old boy who suffered from a horrible case of eczema.
  • [28:41] – We hear Jeffrey’s thoughts on the idea of eating for your blood type. He also explains that the general diet that he loves is the Mediterranean diet, but there are still certain foods within it that can cause issues.
  • [30:44] – Jeffrey offers listeners something concrete: a list of the 21 most inflammatory foods based on their tests. You can find this at foodsignals.com.
  • [32:20] – What would Jeffrey suggest for someone who feels better when they stop eating gluten?
  • [34:40] – One of the biggest surprises on the list of most inflammatory foods is brewer’s yeast and baker’s yeast.
  • [36:48] – As you age, you can develop allergies or become more sensitive to various triggers. But there are ways you can enhance your immune system, Jeffrey points out.
  • [40:34] – Jeffrey discusses how the microbiome fits into this equation.
  • [42:23] – Does Jeffrey have any other examples of success stories after people have changed their diets thanks to his company’s findings?
  • [45:30] – Stephan shares a bit about his scientific background. He then inquires whether he should have the food sensitivities test run again, since it’s been several years since he initially took it.
  • [48:00] – How often does Jeffrey retest himself, and how often does he recommend that listeners get tested?
  • [50:32] – Is it common to develop IBS in your later years? As he answers, Jeffrey talks about how the body’s function changes over time.
  • [53:37] – Jeffrey is a big fan of muscle testing. Stephan then recommends that listeners check out his episode with Christian Mickelsen.
  • [54:54] – Jeffrey discusses whether there’s anything important about how he eats (as opposed to what he eats).
  • [57:12] – How can listeners sign up and get tested?


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