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Optimize Cellular Nutrition for Vitality and Longevity with Wade Lightheart


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This Week’s Guest:

One thing we all want is vibrant, powerful, tremendous health. After all, health is wealth, right? You’re probably aware that exercise and diet are two important components of health. You might not realize, however, just how important your diet is (and not just in terms of how many calories you eat). Believe it or not, the fifth biggest killer is digestive-related illnesses. The key to avoiding these illnesses and creating fantastic health is working from the inside out.


Wade Lightheart joins me in this conversation to explain what it means and why it’s so important to work from the inside out. A three-time national bodybuilding champion, Wade underwent a health setback that led him to dive deep into the field of nutrition. Today, he’s an advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute, the director of education at BiOptimizers, and the author of the best-selling book Staying Alive in a Toxic World. If you’re ready to truly learn what it means to feel AWESOME, tune in now!


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In This Episode:

  • [02:00] – Wade shares the backstory to the life-changing event that happened to him in 2003. When he was 15, he explains, three very distinct things occurred in his life.
  • [04:10] – Wade moves on to talking about the 2003 incident itself. In the 11 weeks after a bodybuilding contest, he gained 42 pounds of fat and water. His doctor explained to him that he had been building his body from the outside in, not the inside out.
  • [07:33] – Stephan steps in to clarify what Wade means about being healthy from the outside in. Wade then points out that it’s not just about what you eat, but also what you digest.
  • [10:13] – Wade talks about two challenges that people are facing in today’s world in terms of diet and nutrition.
  • [11:45] – What would be the first step in making sure that your digestive process is working properly? As he answers, Wade walks listeners through how the digestive system works.
  • [19:52] – Would the process for correcting what you’re doing wrong involve testing your microbiome to see how off it is, and then testing it periodically?
  • [21:26] – Wade has never met anyone who is experiencing truly tremendous, vital health who isn’t taking probiotics.
  • [22:38] – We hear more about how to select a good probiotic among the wide variety now available on the market. Wade talks about the two basic styles of probiotics and explains their differences.
  • [27:41] – Wade returns to the topic of how to find a good probiotic, revealing that he isn’t a fan of refrigerated probiotics.
  • [28:48] – If you’re taking a probiotic on a regular basis, should you also eat fermented foods?
  • [31:08] – Wade talks about which kind of kombucha is his favorite out of the many varieties that he’s tried.
  • [32:58] – Does Wade recommend getting regular colonics? He shares the story of a woman he heard of who had a Barbie slipper sitting in her intestines for over 40 years.
  • [36:14] – Wade usually does a long water fast twice a year, and a one-day water fast once or so a week. He then offers some advice to people who may be interested in beginning to try fasting.
  • [40:24] – Stephan mentions the film Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, which involved a 30-day green juice fast. Wade shares his experience with trying a similar fast.
  • [42:10] – Where does Wade stand on colonoscopies?
  • [44:39] – For listeners who may not be familiar with them, Wade explains the differences between alkaline and acidic diets.
  • [47:06] – Besides what we’ve been talking about, what goes into Wade’s regimen for awesome health? He explains that AWESOME is an acronym for Air, Water, Exercise, Sunlight, Optimizers, Mental beliefs and attitudes, and Education, testing, and coaching.
  • [51:56] – Wade talks about the importance of coaching and offers a free program to Optimized Geek listeners. You can get that course at this link!
  • [53:31] – Stephan asks Wade for a lesser-known example within the Optimizers category, and lists a couple of his own. Wade then mentions several recommendations.
  • [55:59] – What kind of magnesium would Wade recommend?
  • [57:30] – Wade offers information on how interested listeners can reach out to him directly.


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