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Reinvent Your Life with Adam Markel


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Being a workaholic used to be a badge of honor. Now, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that working 80, 90, or even more hours a week is a problem, not a point of pride. If you’re going through that, or still feel like the path to success is being the first one into the office and the last one out, it’s time that you make a pivot in your life. Like this episode’s guest, you can get a handle on your workaholism and shift into a fulfilling yet balanced life.


Adam Markel is a bestselling author, international speaker, entrepreneur, and transformational trainer who understands the value of changing your life. After a trip to the hospital, as he’ll describe in our conversation, Adam felt he had a new lease on life and took the opportunity to pivot. That was the inspiration for his PIVOT Incubator as well as his latest bestselling book, Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life. I’ve personally attended several of Adam’s seminars and can’t wait to bring his great insight to you!


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In This Episode:

  • [01:37] – Adam starts things off by talking about his recent book Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life and explaining what inspired him to write it.
  • [05:41] – Even before the book, Adam had a calling to reach a larger audience. How did he end up speaking to thousands of people on stages?
  • [09:07] – We hear the story of a low point of Adam’s life, when he asked his wife to drive him to the hospital. He then explains how this was his starting point on his current road.
  • [13:03] – Adam talks about what he did after getting out of the hospital.
  • [15:22] – Before going into the hospital, had Adam taken personal development courses or read personal development books?
  • [16:01] – What did Adam start doing differently after he left the hospital and felt he had a new lease on life?
  • [19:11] – Adam discusses whether he got a handle on his workaholism as he started his new venture and got it up and running.
  • [20:51] – How much of Adam’s time does he spend on the road?
  • [24:22] – Stephan mentions telepresence robots and how they can function, then points out that Tony Robbins is doing some holographic speaking these days.
  • [26:15] – Adam goes into more detail about his PIVOT Incubator program.
  • [30:57] – If you’ve had a wakeup call and gone through a catalyst for change, and want to go through a system for managing that change, what are the steps in the process? In his response, Adam relates the process to a line of dominos.
  • [37:26] – In the second half of the process, Adam starts with baby steps and small things that you can take action on.
  • [40:44] – Stephan tells the story of Airbnb’s humble beginnings, relating it to the process Adam has been talking about. Adam then explains that Airbnb’s first night was the birth of what he calls a pivot.
  • [42:54] – Adam talks more about unbelieving and what it means to him. He and Stephan then discuss empowering and disempowering beliefs.
  • [46:13] – Adam reveals that there’s a particular process that he uses in the “letting go” section of his system.
  • [50:10] – Can listeners be involved in the community Adam has been talking about even if they aren’t part of the PIVOT Incubator?
  • [52:33] – Does Adam ever take on private clients?


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