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The Spiritual Underpinnings of Financial Success with Rabbi Daniel Lapin

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This Week’s Guest:

There is nothing more innocuous than trying to increase your own fortune. In a truly open, transparent market, there’s no way to make money without benefiting someone else. In other words, money is only created when two humans please one another. If you want financial abundance, the trick isn’t to want money itself. You need to create an environment in which you enter into mutually beneficial situations.


Rabbi Daniel Lapin is here to talk about the fascinating connection between spirituality and financial abundance. These things may not immediately seem connected, until you realize that they’re intimately related. Daniel is a Rabbinic scholar and the president of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians. His books include America’s Real War, Thou Shall Prosper, and Business Secrets From the Bible. Today, he’ll share his deep and powerful insight into how matters of the spirit relate to finances, and offer solid advice for how to achieve financial fulfillment.


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In This Episode:

  • [01:55] – Daniel talks about the intersection of finance and spirituality, because people tend to treat them as completely separate. He also discusses the disproportionate success with money amongst Jewish people as opposed to other groups.
  • [05:06] – Daniel clarifies what he means by “physical” and “spiritual” so we can all be on the same page regarding those terms.
  • [07:18] – What is money? Daniel digs into this question and the importance of establishing the nature of money.
  • [12:05] – Stephan is reminded of a previous episode with Yehuda Ashkenazi in which they talked about money as energy.
  • [12:45] – Daniel likes being very specific and tangible when it comes to money, he explains.
  • [14:33] – What would Daniel say to people who tell themselves unhelpful stories about money? In his answer, he talks about the necessity of trust in the relationship of transactions.
  • [20:32] – We hear Daniel’s thoughts on people in the pursuit of money seeing money as win-lose instead of win-win.
  • [22:57] – The Hebrew word for prayer is a reflexive verb, Daniel explains.
  • [24:21] – How would Daniel define prosperity? In his answer, he points out that wealth and poverty are terms that make sense for animals, but not for human beings, because they’re relative terms.
  • [29:05] – We hear Daniel’s thoughts on the differentiation between tithing and giving to the homeless.
  • [30:56] – Daniel shares a question that someone asked him about the most beneficial way of distributing money.
  • [33:14] – Where does the 10% number for tithing come from?
  • [34:40] – We learn about Daniel’s ten commandments for making money in a sustainable way that benefits others.
  • [40:33] – Stephan asks one last question: why does Daniel say that one should never retire? The answer involves forming a genuine relationship with the people you have financial transactions with.
  • [43:42] – Daniel lists some of the places where listeners can learn more from (or about) him.


Links and Resources:


Your Checklist of Actions to Take:

☑ Aim to create an environment that is beneficial to myself and others so that the exchange of positivity can bring good fortune.

☑ Focus on serving others first. Make their lives better and money will come naturally.

☑ Change my mindset about money. It isn’t the root of evil but rather the source of love and attachment.

☑ Create a strong connection between my spirituality and my money to know the true importance of abundance in my life.

☑ Differentiate my physical and spiritual needs. Be able to separate the two so that I can have a deeper, more profound relationship with material fortune.

☑ Clearly determine my reason for pursuing money and reflect on what I truly want in life.

☑ Don’t ask for material things in my prayers. Instead, pray to become better in business and for financial security.

☑ Treat money like the saying, “don’t eat more than you can chew.” Know when I have enough and give extra to those in need.

☑ Always create and maintain good relationships when making financial transactions. Never retire this practice.

☑ Grab a copy of Rabbi Lapin’s books, Thou Shall Prosper and Business Secrets from the Bible, to find a deeper meaning in my spiritual and business endeavors.



S: In this episode number 134, you’re gonna learn about spirituality and financial abundance. These two things may not seem to go together but on a metaphysical level, they’re totally compatible. If you like money and you want more of it, you’re gonna wanna listen to this episode. Our guest Rabbi Daniel Lapin, he’s President of American Alliance of Jews and Christians and a noted rabbinic scholar and Jewish leader. He’s the author of America’s Real War, Thou Shall Prosper, and other bestsellers. He’s a frequent guest on Fox News, WallBuilders radio, and Glenn Beck TV. He hosts his own popular radio and podcast programs with international audiences. He also has a daily television show, Ancient Jewish Wisdom. Rabbi, it’s great to have you on the show.


R: Thank you so much. Delighted to be with you.


S: Let’s talk about the intersection of finance and spirituality because I think, people tend to treat them as completely separate and compartmentalize, some are like, “Okay, I’m gonna do my spiritual practice. Now I’m gonna work on making money or I’m gonna build up my career or do my business.” These two intersect and when you’re living a good life, they actually dovetail quite nicely, right?


R: I think so, yes.


S: Let’s talk about how that does. How does that work?

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